Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Welcome to my world of gardening….and my yard!


Sooooo…now that I have a lawn-less front yard where do I begin?  I thought this would be the easy part.  It took me over 8 months in the scorching Texas summer of 2011 to kill off all the bermuda grass and weeds in the front yard anticipating this very day.  I have beautiful huge mulched beds in the front yard with granite paths…no grass.  I really have everything I envisioned and sketched for months.  But there is one itsy bitsy problem… now I have to figure out exactly what to put in those beds and how to pay for it all! EEK!

It is super exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

I am looking forward to playing in the dirt!  Come along with me, as I plant XERICSTYLE…


  1. Lesley

    LOVE it!!!! AMAZING – so proud of you!!!! This is really cool!

  2. Looks great Heather!! Can’t wait to see more and learn some tips!

  3. Barbara Rosen

    This is awesome!! I’m so excited to watch things progress. What direction does your yard face? We can observe which plants will do well in that area of our own yards. Thanks for sharing, Heath. You have soaked up so much knowledge.

    • Thank you! :) SOUTH…..so HOT HOT HOT in FULL SUN….sooooooooo lots of research happening around here on Texas Native drought tolerant plants…

  4. Chelsea

    Hi, new here and reading all your posts about removing grass and using DG. I’m planning on taking all the grass out of my backyard and putting in flower beds and DG everywhere. I also live in North Texas. I was wondering how you got rid of the grass. I am thinking of solarizing…but not sure if I should use a sod cutter first then cover with clear plastic (or black?) or cover first, let it cook, then remove the dead grass with sod cutter. Thanks for any advice!

    • Two words for you Chelsea…”Lawn Gone!” I HIGHLY recommend Pam Penick’s book BEFORE you start. What kind of grass do you have? That is going to affect how you need to remove it greatly. If you got bermuda grass – round-up. :( If you have most other grasses, you may be able to solarize sucessfully…or even sheet mulch effectively to remove it. So what is the verdict? – xericstyle

  5. Chelsea

    I’m going to check on the type of grass we have. Really hope we don’t have bermuda – I’m trying to avoid using round up. I’m surprised solarization here in the hot, hot Texas summer won’t kill it. I wish I knew then what I know now; I never would have let the builder put in grass! Thanks for the advice!

    • I hear you, believe me. But just because it did not work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t for you. I wish you all the luck in the world, Chelsea. Pllleeeeaaaase keep me updated. -xericstyle

  6. Chelsea

    Nooo, it’s bermuda! I worry about using round up around my kids, don’t want to support Monsanto, and it can’t be good for the land

    • If you do the 20% vinegar/orange oil thing…..then solarize…..you will knock a lot out. Then perhaps 20% vinegar on any bermuda sprouts …..but it will take diligence. I would recommend highly you do the above, get your bones in. Mulch. Get everything bones wise completed. Then all through summer kill anything you see pop up with the organic herbicide over and over as anything sprouts. Then plant in the fall or even next spring. It will be a long haul…..but patience will help ensure your success. – xericstyle

  7. Chelsea

    I was thinking of using a sod cutter to remove the first 2 inches of soil/grass, then solarizing. That way at least I’ll have removed the top runners and the sun & heat can take care of the roots directly. Oh, maybe sod cutter, then vinegar/orange oil right onto roots, then solarize! What do you think?

    • I think your 1st idea would have greater success. :) I am excited to see how that works! I think you need the foliage to transport the herbicide into the roots to ultimately kill the plant. But I have not tried that so you could be onto something. Keep me posted! -xericstyle

  8. Chelsea

    Will try my best! I’m in the brainstorming stage and am worried I’m going to bite off more than I (or my husband) can chew. Appreciate the advice and your blog!

    • You can do it! If I can, you can. Remember, get Lawn Gone! Oh and taking the time to plan…like you are doing…will help ensure your success. Keep up the good work, and thoughts! -xericstyle

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