Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Oh Angelina! Sedum rupestre

I am in love with this stonecrop!  Angelina sedum has been an incredible addition to my garden.  I am using it as a living mulch in one of my beds and it is doing a great job at keeping the weeds out, the soil protected, and all the while looking just gorgeous!  I am a huge fan of living mulches and where I can use them, I do!

Sedum rupestre is hardy here in San Antonio.  It is drought tolerant, AND it also tolerates a lot of shade and moisture.  I planted this in a bizarre garden bed that I have.  This bed gets FULL SUN from May until about November and the rest of the year it is in 100 % shade and the soil stays quite moist.  This sedum is a trooper to say the least… LOVE IT!



  1. That’s a great plant and looks very well established in that bed. I have a tiny patch of it, I’ll try it in different areas to see if it does better.

    • Thank you so much for reading Shirley! I am happy to hear from another San Antonian :) I have been enjoying your blog very much. Good luck with your Angelina sedum. I just cut it and stick in all over the place and it always “takes”….crazy stuff. I don’t even water it in most times! – xericstyle

  2. Salma

    Hey, i’m going to have to steal a few nubs of this to propagate. Just snipped some tops off my blue spruce and stuck them all over the baby fern bed, and planted the two big purple shamrocks in the big fern bed. Looks great- love the continuity!
    Yours look way nicer than any in the online pics I’ve seen. Magazine perfect…!

    • I can’t wait to see Salma! I bet it looks amazing. Come on over and get the angelina anytime! In fact, Sat! – xericstyle

  3. Mike

    Beautiful gardens heather. Very cool plant. I wonder if it grows north of the 49th parallel!

    • Hey Canadian! Sedums would work very well for you Michael, especially this one. It would be hardy for you as well believe it or not! It would not die back at your temperatures in the fraser valley. It turns a beautiful shade of burnt orange when it gets cold. With your Asian pergola….I would totally have sedums all over your gardens….maybe even some trailing ones above some of your rocks on that mountain wall. Make sure you mix in some compost and decomposed granite into your soil as they like good drainage. And with your rains…that is a must. Happy sedum planting! – xericstyle

  4. BobbyM4

    Hi Heather,Your gardens look so awesome !!looks like you’ve been a busy girl not just with
    the physical work planting but the planning and all the research as well.Guess its good
    you really enjoy doing it.How long do you figure it takes the composting to break down to dirt?and does the sedums run wild?we get so many weeds in our garden every year seems like we have to dig the whole thing up and replant,a real pain just can’t get rid of them.Moss is the other thing that is hard to control here in Chilliwack BC.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! As far as the weeds go, I would recommend deterring their growth by top dressing your beds with 2 to 4 inches of a good quality compost then lightly working it in existing soil to get some air in that soil and mix the compost in. Then I would use newspaper 4 sheets thick (you do not have to pull the weeds first – just do this on top of them all) as your 1st mulch layer, and then a wood mulch of your choosing to top it off and make it look pretty. This will go a long way in helping your weeds. As far as the moss – come on sunshine! I also read that it is easy to scrape it off and I would do this as much as your back will allow to avoid it spreading. Apparently the addition of a little dolomite lime will help sweeten the soil and may after several applications help deter the growth of the moss as well. And the recommendation from several sources I looked at is to get after that moss this spring before it takes over the entire garden. I wish I had more experience with moss to help you out, but in San Antonio, I have yet to see it in our yard. Too much heat and sun I suppose??

      As far as the sedum taking over, I have not personally had a problem with that, but there are many types of sedum. The nice thing about it is that it is super easy to pull up.

      And the direct composting question – you know, I don’t know if I would do it in your location with problems with underground mammals. Here, it is not a concern.

      Happy gardening!!!! – xericstyle

  5. I agree…I never would have believed you a few years ago if you had told me this short, fairly unassuming little plant would become one of my faves…but it has!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I linked to your blog and I LOOOOOVE your pictures – I can hardly wait to surf around later this evening. Cheers – xericstyle

  6. Donna Elliott

    When Angelina sedum blossoms can I just cut that off? I don’t like the look.

    • Yes, you sure can, Donna. I usually leave the blooms for butterflies and then cut them later when they are spent. – xericstyle

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