Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Rookie mistake!

Remember my Yucca aloifolia gift that I planted directly to the right of the path by the  front door?  Well…turns out that was not such a great idea.  Nothing says welcome like slicing a visitors calf open on the way to the front door – YIKES!

Before:  I really loved the idea of this yucca growing straight up this post – I think it would have looked wicked cool!  Although, it is not the ideal location for a few reasons, the most important one being safety.

After:  The Spanish Bayonet yucca is SUPER sharp and rigid therefore it needed to be relocated to a place with less foot traffic.  Not to mention, upon further research, I recognized it is prolific and has lots of babies!  Sure it grows straight up and would have looked great up the post where it was….UNTIL it had babies into the front path and I had to cut them away.  In its new home the yucca can have babies to its hearts content creating a little yucca grove (reported to get 10×10).  This evergreen spiky screen is very desirable to me in this location as it adds to my xericstyle living fence and it will take the property line definition all the way to the street.

Following are a couple pictures of this yucca in yards around the area to demonstrate its growth habit and to illustrate what I am trying to accomplish by re-locating mine:

What a cool little yucca grove, eh?!

And at this home, the last time I saw this yucca grove mama was standing upright!  Now she fell and the grove gets bigger.  SO GLAD I MOVED MINE!  A lot of valuable research can be done driving around looking at the plants you want, or are about to plant.  In this way you can see how they grow, what their mature size is, etc, etc.

The take away for me is that it is simply not worth it to prune plants to MAKE them what YOU want….all they really want to be is what they are.  Plants should be appreciated for what they are and utilized accordingly.  In this way, they are happier and will look better as well.  Win, win….right?

Right plant, right place – xericstyle…


  1. Desert Dweller

    Good job – that’s hilarious about “slicing a visitors calf open on the way to the front door”! Some can, I bet.

    I think you have either a healthy Spanish Bayonet / Yucca aloifolia or healthy Yucca elephantipes. Possibly a tall Yucca gloriosa, but no matter, all those should grow better there with humidity than they do out here.

    • Ha! Ha! Well, it is true David, this yucca is SUPER sharp I can’t even believe it. I barely nicked my forehead when planting and it drew blood and I had to dress it! I was thankful #1 it was me and not my kids or a guest, and #2 it was not my eyeball. It will do great in its new spot as there is next to no foot traffic there to speak of (except for me weeding). Thanks so much David and thanks for the ID as well – another commenter on my original post thought Yucca aloifolia as well – I think y’all are absolutely right. Thank you! – xericstyle

  2. Good job. And just think, now that you have moved that yucca, you have room for a nice trunking yucca rostrata!!! Or a palm? What’s your hardiness zone? 9a?

    • How am I not surprised you recommended a palm Louis! You are fiercely loyal to palms, aren’t you? Awesome! We are 8b here in San Antonio. I am still making a few decisions on the redo in this area – I already have three yucca rostrata in the bed just before this one….so….maybe a palm! heeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for stoppin’ in today – xericstyle

  3. Much better for you and your guests! Yucca recurvifolia or Soft-leaf yucca is a good option for those areas close to sidwalks and doors. While the point is prickly, it’s not anywhere near as sharp as most and the leaf curves down and makes it easier to get safely past it.

    • Ha! No doubt! Thanks so much Shirley :) – got any suggestions for something with height there, that is safe? How tall do your soft-leaf yuccas get here in San Antonio? – xericstyle

  4. Safety first! good call in moving the dangerous Yucca, it looks very happy in its new home. Right plant, right place IS the ONLY way. Christina

    • Thanks Christina! I hope it will continue to be happy there and have lots of babies :) – xericstyle

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