Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Bees and Butterflies

Right now my front garden is swarming with bees and butterflies.  This puts such a big smile on my face – to see my kids enjoying it ….and to feel like thanks to my garden, my yard is ALIVE again.  It used to be hot and sterile…no life here, nothing for these beautiful creatures to eat and enjoy.   No wonder we never saw them!  Bee MagnetRussian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) is an absolute bee magnet!  The bees cannot get enough of this plant, and neither can I.  It is a non-stop bloomer and has looked incredible all season, despite a once a month watering! If that!  Seriously…south side of the house – full on sun…over 100 degree temps days on end.  How can a plant so pretty be so resilient?!

butterfly magnetSpeaking of tough plants…purple trailing lantana (Lantana montevidensis) en masse is a work horse and smells incredible!  It is also practically moving right now with butterflies.  I am in awe of the perfect balance it strikes between strength and beauty.  Mass planted it looks like waves to me…ups and downs….movement.  Not in a light and airy grass swaying way, but in an organic stationary way.  That is a ‘little ollie’ dwarf olive (Olea europaeaMontra‘) in behind providing a silvery green backdrop.hide-a-curb

Want to hide-a-curb?  Let me remind you….


EEK!  Hide-a-curb baby!  Especially an ugly one like mine was.

purple wavesPurple waves undulate on the other side of the front path as well creating continuity along the length of the entire front curb.

mailbox planting

Mailbox planting of Pennisetum setaceum is also bullet proof.  Strong yet soft and sweet for the mailman/lady.

Ask me if I miss my grass?



  1. Your yard looks so pretty! Amazing what a difference a year can make. I guess no matter how much you water it, a lawn with just grass will not bloom. Gotta have some flowers for those bees and butterflies:)

    • Thanks Steph! And yes, it absolutely blows my mind the difference a year can make…in “yard health”…soil health…plants…wildlife….the worms are incredibly abundant now and I never used to see ANY! MIND BLOWING for sure! – xericstyle

  2. I love what you’ve done!!!! And the little ollie is a super fav of mine! I plan on getting a couple of them in the springtime. I LOVE it!!!!

    • Thanks Louis! I do love the little ollie a lot too – I have two in the mixed screen on that side of the property. I felt like they had not grown or changed in size in a year…until I looked at the old picture! They have grown a ton. They have a beautiful perfectly groomed shape naturally. They are supposed to get 6ft by 6ft ‘ish….I can hardly wait to see what these toddlers look like as grown-ups! – xericstyle

      • P.S. You are an olive nut! I am surprised you don’t have one already ;)

  3. I’m not gonna ask because I KNOW you don’t. Looks great, Heather. I wish I had a sunny strip to plant a big swath of purple lantana too.

    • Ha! Ha! You got that right :) – Pam, I never knew lantana smelled so sweet and lilac’ish. I cannot believe the fragrance when I walk out there. It is amazing. Still stinky lantana smell when I cut it though….ha! -xericstyle

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