Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Garden stroll…

It has been a while since I have looked at my garden…I mean really looked at it and soaked it all in.  Today was the day to take a break from our Canadian company and bond with my garden again…I missed it!creeping germander flowerinMy creeping germander (Teucrium crossonii) is still flowering ….despite all the c-c-c-COLD nights!  The tight silvery carpet is so sparkly.'Hill Hardy' R. officinalis How cute are these dainty soft lavender/blue’ish flowers on my R. officinalis ‘Hill Hardy’?  This is the first time they have bloomed since I planted them last January and I am elated.purple lantana fighting the coldDespite most of my purple lantana being frozen back, I still have quite a few flowers.  I kind of like the dark purple color of the cold damaged foliage too.  It fits right in with my front purple/silver garden. Andean Silver-Leaf Sage (Salvia discolor) Salvia discolor (Andean silver-leaf sage)is blooming with wild abandon.  This plant has gone through an incredible growth spurt the last 2 months. I moved it this fall from full sun to a location under the Mountain Laurel where it gets afternoon relief.  It is so much happier.  I am learning more and more that just because a plant is a full sun plant it does not necessarily mean it can take FULL TEXAS SUN in your garden. love those purply black flowers!  I can’t decide which I love more…the incredibly silver, almost white foliage…or those purply-black blooms!  Mexican Bush sage stragler bloomsI have a few Salvia Leucantha straggler blooms…Salvia greggii 'purple'as well as a few Salvia greggi ‘purple’ flowers (which is more of a pink if you ask me).2013-01-14_09-25-46I have saved the best for last!2013-01-14_09-26-36This sage…which I think is Salvia greggii ‘Navajo Dark Purple’, blooms more and more the colder it gets.  Interesting since my Salvia greggii ‘ Purple’  has pretty much finished its fall bloom. 2013-01-14_09-27-14_1Look at all the buds still waiting to open…this plant is a powerhouse and appears to be a must for winter color as well as nectar/food for wildlife.  I thought it bloomed well a couple months ago, but then it got cold and frosty and just look at it!

For more beautiful blooms head over to see Carol at May Dreams Gardens


  1. You’ve got a lot of things blooming in the middle of winter. LOVE the Salvia greggii ‘Navajo Dark Purple. What a scene stealer! I have one female Rufous hummingbird that is visiting my feeder. Bet she would love this salvia. I need to plant some:)

    • I have seen both butterflies and hummingbirds on this plant a lot lately. I am happy to have it for them. If you ever want some I’d be happy to share (just tell me how to collect seeds or divide it if you know and I will). You are in SA right? -xericstyle

  2. I absolutely agree that plants described in some books as requiring full sun (most probably a UK written book) actually often need part shade here in Italy and the same with you in Texas. Salvias especially seem to need more water than you are told. I love your creeping Teucrium, I must try to find one for here. Christina

    • SOOOOOOOOOoooooo much to learn from books and online…yet possibly even more to learn by trial and error I am finding too. It never stops, eh? :) – xericstyle

  3. Nell Jean

    Lingering blooms into the winter are often the prettiest.

    • Thanks for stopping by Nell Jean :) I totally agree! We appreciate those blooms that much more… -xericstyle

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