Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

smells like purple and looks like spring…

It smells like grape bubble gum in the front garden drawing me in… and making me stay.  I try to soak in as much of Texas mountain laurel time as I can every year.  The smell is intoxicating…and I like that! ;)

yummy Tejas mountain laurelNative Sophora secundiflora, is an absolute must in a Texas garden.2013-02-22_09-57-52So is native Gulf Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris).  Mine is coming back nicely…looking like the bright green blades of a chia pet.  I cut it back as close as I could to the ground on Valentine’s day.   2013-02-22_09-58-04Mexican bush sage (Salvia Leucantha) also coming back nicely, although I still need to cut away all the dead foliage this weekend. 2013-02-22_09-58-18Texas Fall Aster (Aster oblongifolius) was cut all the way down and is coming back beautifully. 2013-02-22_09-59-48Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) sprouting … 2013-02-22_10-00-00…along with my opuntias. 2013-02-22_10-00-18I love the way it looks when a new pad is being born. 2013-02-22_10-00-26Opuntia evergreen looks groovy in his marble mulch. 2013-02-22_10-00-42Rosemary is loaded with flowers and smells delish! 2013-02-22_10-01-34More sprouting on my unknown aloe vera plant a dear friend gave me.  I am so excited this plant is blooming for the first time.  I watch the bloom spike daily…there are two and they are HUGE! 2013-02-22_10-01-48Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem sage) is ready to burst open its funky yellow flowers.  I LOVE this plant.  It is blooming in FULL SHADE.  This is my tough bed that gets full shade half the year, and blasted with full sun the other half.  It has taken me a while to figure out this bed.  BUT…this plant is happy… 2013-02-22_10-02-02…and apparently so is the yellow yarrow… 2013-02-22_10-02-14…AND native Dahlberg Daisy (Dyssodia). This one was an experiment – it LOVED the full sun last summer/fall…lived in full shade all winter AND also sprouted many new plants in full shade from seed.  Spectacular.  I thought it would have died in the shade, and certainly not sprouted in it.  If it froze hard I would have lost it.  But what this experience is telling me is that this plant will certainly at least work as an annual in my shade bed/sun bed from hell.Mexican honeysuckleHELLO Mexican honeysuckle – have you seen a happier plant that looks so cheery ….floppy…yet funky and VIBRANT? Blackfoot daisyNative Blackfoot daisy (Melampodium leucanthum) is also ready to burst open in flower.

My heart feels so much joy in the spring…

How are your gardens?  Any signs of spring?


  1. Love the smell of Mountain Laurel. Mine aren’t blooming yet. I really like your Mexican honeysuckle. The pop of orange color is great!

    • It is such a vibrant orange, isn’t it Steph?! I am sure your mtn laurels are going to start blooming soon…yay! – xericstyle

  2. Wow! spring really is springing with you in Texas. Wet, cold and windy here today, so not much like spring at all. Christina

    • It sure is Christina – will spring for you in Italy be soon? At least you are getting some needed moisture by the sounds of it. Cheers to many spring blooms to you in the near future! – xericstyle

  3. Jason Jaworski

    Looks like spring is coming to Texas. Congrats on the Aloe blooms!

    • Thanks J! love you guys! Is any of your extensive collection in the ground at your new home yet? xo – xericstyle

  4. Look at your garden grow! All those pretty blooms returning and plants filling in nicely to reward your hard work. It’s going to be a good year in your garden. I also love the mountain laurel for its beautiful blooms and unmistakable fragrance.

    • Thanks Shirley – hearing it is going to be a good year for my garden is music to my ears. :) Yours is looking INCREDIBLE! -xericstyle

  5. I’ve been pressing my nose into Texas mountain laurel blossoms all over town. I love that fragrance! Happy spring to you!

    • You too mentor! – xericstyle

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