Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

New fire pit hang-out converts useless space to a fun and functional area…

Hey y’all, I am so excited to start showing you our new Texas-style xericstyled backyard taking shape!  Our backyard was BORING…nothing to it…stark…HOT…no bones…no garden beds…no defined entertaining aeas…no garden rooms…no functionality!!!!!  That has changed a whole lot in a relatively short period of time thanks to hiring an installer with a crew to haul and lay 10 plus tons of road base and over 20 tons of decomposed granite.  HEAVEN to have that help.  Okay here we go…Larger side yard "before"BEFORE:  Left side of backyard and side-yard.new fire pit areaAFTER:  New fire pit hang out!  We are all super excited about this, especially the kids.  I tracked down a used tractor rim for my pit.  Hauled it on the roof of my car – the looks I got on the highway were pretty funny.Tractor rim fire pitI like how this sunshine turned out around the pit – it is made with re-purposed bricks that are original to the house.  It breaks up the granite and adds a little flare.

This area brightens my days and warms my nights.

Up Next:  Texas-style patio …


  1. Look at you go Heather! That’s a nice use of the space. Love the fence decor, is that a Texas butterfly?

    • Thanks Shirley…you are close…it is a Texas dragonfly…my neighbour made it for me. It is very special. – xericstyle

  2. Very nice! Love the sunburst pattern around the pit. “20 tons of decomposed granite” – Wow!

    • 20 plus cubic yards – I think a cubic yard of DG is close to a ton. I hope I got that right. Either way, a helluva lot. I wanted the sun to look very simple…like the ones my children draw and I remember drawing as a child. The kids LOOOoooove it. Thanks for checking in Steph – I hope you are enjoying your week. – xericstyle

  3. I love your new fire pit area, especially the sunburst — like light coming out of the fire.

    • YES – you totally get it. :) Your pond hardscape got the ideas flowing – I am thrilled you like it. :) – xericstyle

  4. Amazing, nice, and saves the back from damage! You’re motivating me as I get my own (smaller) place in shape for my last days there, and to sell. The radiating brick from the tractor wheel rim firepit…nice reuse.

    • Saves the back alright! Although….I have done 6 plus trunk loads of huge free boulders the last two days …that ….well…not so easy on the back. I guess I saved my back on the granite for this though, so it all works out. You have to strike while the iron is hot and I know I will use the rocks now…and later. I am happy you like David!!!!! Your garden is always in shape what are you talking about? :) The new owners are SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -xericstyle

  5. Looks good! I’d like to do that with my SA backyard, too. With 5 dogs (my husband is fostering some dogs), there is no grass! Where did you get the crushed rock?

    • Hi Karla! Thanks for stopping by :) Thomas soil and stone … 5 dogs, eh? Wow! How sweet y’all are fostering. :) – happy fire pit making! -xericstyle

  6. I love the way you get on with projects! I’m waiting now to see EVERYTHING! C

    • Thanks C! I will try and post some more pics today – I always appreciate your feedback. I have a fire under my tushie as the yard has been a boring dustbowl for WAAaaaaay too long. – xericstyle

  7. Salma

    Just catching up! too bad we’re almost out of time here for use of that fire pit :(
    Looks like a restaurant beer garden- super inviting. Can’t wait till it’s planted up; it’ll be a total oasis. You are ON FIRE!

    • That was my inspiration – I wanted it to be comfy and informal. It works great with the picnic tables and I may even make 1 more. It can support 3 so I may as well! -xericstyle

  8. Salma

    ps, love the red chairs- good taste ;)

    • Well I have you to thank for that :) – Man… they are holding up well!! Yours? That was a crazy night shopping trip!!!!!! -xericstyle

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