Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Foliage Follow-Up – The veggie report…

I don’t have anything new and exciting in my garden right now that I have not shown y’all recently, so I decided to show gardens I created with the patients at work.  In Feb I started working as a therapeutic gardener at a clinic in town – it is rewarding, and fun having another garden to play in!

Veggie gardenHere is the veggie garden I created with the patients.  It is comprised of 4 raised beds.Tomato and onionsThe tomato and onion bed is growing super well – Those are Texas tomato cages which are the bomb! tomato/onion closer....The onions perimeter the bed – with some basil thrown in for looks and because some gardeners say they make the tomatoes yummier…I always companion plant because #1 – I love old wise tales, and #2 – I like to make my vegetable gardens pretty. tee-pee trellisI built this tee-pee trellis with the patients and they loved the project.  It was fun and it functions well in the cucubit bed filled with cucumbers, squash, melons…trellis bed with poppiesand of course, for prettiness…some poppies in there too.herb bedOur herb bed is starting to take off, complete with marigolds/zinnias/echinacea/gazanias/sunflowers for more color and happiness.  This is a place of business and when veggies and herbs get tired, and the edible garden is in transition, my plan is for the flowers to carry things through.  Plus, I just started in Feb so I want to impress the boss ;)  Note:  thyme/mint/oregano are in pots otherwise they would take over. passion vine tee-peeWe also created this tee-pee for a native passion vine.  I am going to create one for my home garden as well – I am still looking for that perfect pot.

It is amazing what a garden does to brighten up a space, and the moods of those around you.  This is an urban location, and the neighbours around here that walk by are always so happy and chatty.  The owners are so progressive to have done this.  Most importantly, the patients love it!

Happy foliage follow-up – for more shades of foliage head over and visit the lovely host of this meme at digging.


  1. That’s wonderful–you’ve made an urban neighborhood a better place! Back pat! :^)

    • Awe – thank you! I can feel the back pat, and me likes it! -xericstyle

  2. Agree with Hoov, that’s wonderful. The garden looks so pretty and productive. Good idea to plan ahead for the hot weather!

    • Thanks Shirley – we harvest and the patients prepare meals with the dietary staff in the kitchen – this week they are making french onion soup …oh and also tabbouleh…the goal is plant/nurture/ and utilize! Full-circle. It is pretty special to be a part of this process. One gal came to me today and she is starting her own garden this weekend! MADE MY WEEK! Really really made my heart feel so joyful- xericstyle

  3. Those are attractive vegetable beds and the plants look so healthy.

    • Thanks Michael – it is those Texas tomato cages ;) – did you get yours? Actually, the owners are awesome and want everything organic and I utilize all the organic potions – they are very supportive. -xericstyle

      • I am still having trouble justifying the expense of the Texas Tomato Cages. Last year, I made some out of cattle panel that work well, although I need to change the design a bit. If I do get the TTC, I have considered using them for beans and blackeyed peas because I would only need a couple of cages for tomatoes.

        Shirley RockOakDeer dropped by yesterday. She took a picture of my frogfruit and said she would email it to you. She said you were still having trouble with weeds growing around the plants. If you keep the weeds under control now, I don’t think you will have any problems when the plants thicken up. Nothing grows in mine other than some larger plants that were already there. Good luck!

      • I hear ya – they are expensive. I tried a few things before I got them…and I can tell you, I have never regretted them. They store so well and don’t rust. But if you only need a couple…then…probably not worth it. Eggplant grows well in them too…

        My frogfruit lawn… I hope it works out. The plants themselves are thriving, but so are the other weeds – all the rain really made weeding next to impossible to keep up on and I wish I could start from scratch. Famous last words. I am hoping if I keep up on corn gluten spring and fall, that the frogfruit shall win. Right now it is frogfruit and horseherb – AND purslane and those annoying ones that sprout and seem to seed in 2 days that have purply underleaves. GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr I really look forward to seeing the picture of yours- thanks so much to you and Shirley both!!!! -xericstyle

  4. Desert Dweller

    So glad you’re finally staying busy!! Seriously, it looks like great benefits occur there for all involved.

    • Thanks David – it is a neat place for sure! :) -xericstyle

  5. What a wonderful way to share your love of gardening and also give back to the community. I find gardening to be so relaxing. It must be so therapeutic for the patients of the clinic to go outside and see this great veggie garden.
    PS I love the tee-pee trellis. Might have to steal/borrow your idea:)

    • PSS I’ve been looking for gardening volunteer positions. If you ever need any help, just let me know.

      • YOU BET! Thank you sooooooooo much ~ I certainly will! -xericstyle

    • It hardly feels like work, for sure! Steal away gal – I saw this at a garden I visited a few years ago and stole it myself! ;) -xericstyle

  6. I adore that teepee trellis with all of the happy veggie vines growing over it. That’s one of those things that I always want to do, and then am either too lazy / too late to manage. :-) Nice work!

    • Ha! Well, I don’t have one in my personal garden for the same reason so I feel ya sista! I had several patients to help me at work…so it was easy peesy. If I ever get around to one at home…I’ll let ya know. Please do the same :) -xericstyle

  7. How wonderful to create a garden with your patients at work! I bet it does cheer them up to see what’s growing and producing fruit. Congratulations on a cool project.

    • Thanks Pam! – although I would not call them my patients, I just lead the therapeutic gardening group and get dirt under my nails with them. :) It is a lot of fun and I am really enjoying it. -xericstyle

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