Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

When you get almost half as much rain as your location gets in a year, in 10 hours….

Yes you read that correctly – we have had 9.5 inches of rain and counting in the last 10 hours.

In my garden, it looks like this:

2013-05-25_05-00-10I think my creeping germander has drowned :( 2013-05-25_05-01-16I just finished planting my two front meadow gardens this week – both sides the same – only 3 species plus 3 evergreen anchors.  Gulf muhly, echinacea, gomphrena and evergreen yuccas.  I hope they make it. 2013-05-25_05-01-28I have to fix the grade here and slope it out…  2013-05-25_05-12-44We are under water here in North Central San Antonio folks…. when rosemary and yucca rigida are in standing water – it can’t be good. :(2013-05-25_05-12-56Oh please don’t drown guys!  Desert willows, texas sage, muhly grasses, opuntia…all dry lovers!  YET, all native so I have my fingers crossed they will pull through…. I feel kinda ill…2013-05-25_05-40-14BUT thankful my family is safe….and our home is not flooded.

This is going to be a big challenge for a lot of the plants in my garden….this is a lot of water and I am anxious that they may not make it….I have never seen this before…but if they do, then I think they can handle anything!!!!!  I hope they are up for the challenge.  This event will give me confidence in my gardens strength or cause me to really re-think a lot – and start over :(

I’ll keep in touch from San Antonio….and let you know how the plants make out.  Right now, I just feel lucky…across the street we have abandoned cars half under water with caution tape, houses flooding, and police closing the roads.

Stay safe central Texans xoxoxo


  1. We had drainage issues as well. Our side yard looked like a pond this morning. The force of the water uprooted some of our plants. Thank God we are safe and did not have any flooding inside our home. I’m also grateful we didn’t have any lighting strikes nearby. Looks like the worst is over. Now hopefully, our plants will dry out. I am glad we got rain, even if it all came it one time.

    PS Love the last photo. So cute!

    • I am so happy to hear y’all are well, Steph! I guess this is the second recorded wettest day since the 1800’s or something like that. So I guess we are seeing history in the making, eh? I pray no one gets hurt. -xericstyle

  2. I’m glad you and your family are safe, that’s the most important thing. I’m sure that unless you have weeks of more rain your plants will pull through too. The new plantings may need pushing back hard into the ground when the standing water has gone. Christina

    • Thank you Christina :) Thank you also for the plant advice – I hope you are right and they pull through!!! :) -xericstyle

  3. The news shows that it’s pretty wild out there! I heard 4″ fell in one hour this morning. We’re staying safe at home today too.

    Water drains quickly around here, so your plants should be fine. Muhly can take a lot more water than it usually gets and we have opuntia growing in the creek out back. This has been a record rainfall, but if you want to prepare for next time consider adding dry creek runs in those two large beds out front to carry excess away from the house. We have done that several places and they look good when it’s not raining too. With the photos you can see where you might need them.

    • Happy to hear y’all are home safe and sound, Shirley! :) I look forward to seeing your dry creeks….I have considered that in the past but don’t know where to begin! I guess this has shown me the time to begin is now though. -xericstyle

  4. We all see our drainage problems now. ;-( We certainly needed some rain, though. Last I heard, the aquifer went up 2 feet!

    • That is wonderful news for the aquifer! We certainly need this rain – although looking across the street at the flooding…makes me sad for so many who most certainly have a lot of clean up ahead of them in their homes. -xericstyle

  5. Desert Dweller

    I guess that’s how S/C TX gets your 25-35″ average annual precip…sheesh! If only I could send our weather down there…it would wick dry about 7″ of that rain, overnight. Hang in there…it should be interesting how your soil absorbs water…but to grow those plants on clay, probably not good. Let us know!

    • …so far so good – I amended heavily….but….EEK! -xericstyle

  6. That was a lot of rain! I am glad you and your family are safe. I think your plants will be fine too, as long as they don’t wash away. I hope you get to dry out over the next few days.

    • Thanks Michael – they did not wash away. So far so good – but, when will I know if I am out of the woods? -xericstyle

  7. Glad to hear you’re safe, and had no damage.
    The plants will probably be fine, if they’re not in standing water for long. Texas Natives are pretty tough.

    • Thank you so much Linda! -xericstyle

  8. Glad that you and your family are safe! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your plants! As long as they don’t sit in water for too long, they should be fine!

    • Thanks Peter :) The water drained not long after the rains stopped. BUT wondering if the clay will hold onto the water too long? So far so good – fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping in, I appreciate very much. -xericstyle

  9. That was a CRAZY amount of rain to get all at once. I heard about it while we were in Santa Barbara. So glad your house didn’t flood, and it looks like your garden paths and beds held up well against the onslaught. I bet your plants will be fine. Keep us updated.

    • Thank you Pam, so far so good – I have not lost anything. I have been REALLY enjoying your posts of your trip a lot – can’t wait to see them all. Happy Anniversary! -xericstyle

  10. Salma

    wow, we saw rain, but given that there isn’t a single flat place on our property, i didn’t see any pooling at all in our area. probably bc it rolled off down toward you guys… scary stuff. Glad to hear that it all turned out well though.

    • Certainly many advantages of living on top of the hill and being the king of the castle!!!!! – xericstyle

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