Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Xericstyle garden survived the rain…

I am pleased and VERY thankful to report that my garden has survived the 10 inches of rain we got in just an evening last week.  I was concerned that a lot of my dry loving plants would have drowned as I have clay soil.  I guess I amended enough, but more than likely, the fact that the majority of my plants are Texas natives are what ultimately saved my bacon.  Here are a few pictures, and the growth has been amazing after all that rain!yucca rigida sedum bedYucca rigida bed with blue spruce sedum living mulch that was under water has pulled through!  Shocked at this one!  That is Texas native, purple flowering, snake herb (Dyschoriste linearis)  in front of the rocks. meadow bedHere is a look at my newly planted meadow beds – both right and left side middle meadow beds are planted up the same… bordered in gulf muhly grass and inside mass plantings of gomphrena ‘fireworks’ and purple cone flower.  The right side has 3 yucca rostrata ‘sapphire skies’ as the evergreen elements to carry the bed all seasons.  The left side (not featured) has the opuntia as the evergreen elements. right side of garden spring 2013A close up of the right-side of the gardens’ living fence. meadow close upa closer look at the meadow… I can’t wait until fall when the 40 plus gulf muhly grasses are a frenzy of cotton candy blooms and the gomphrena and echinacea are popping out over top.rosemary survivedMy rosemary ‘hill hardy’ and creeping germander also appears to have survived. Phew!

Thanks for all of your support and experience that you shared with me  – it was a nail biting week for me wondering if my garden was going to pull through.



  1. Yay! Looks good and that’s an amazing amount of growth since I was there just a couple weeks ago. So now it turns out that all this rain helps fill in the plants faster and if they survived last weekend’s record rain you should be good to go.

  2. Thanks Shirley – all of your positive energy must have helped and I appreciate! I was really worried. This has been a great spring for new growth hasn’t it?! After you and David left, I realized how much I needed to do and how much I wish I had done before y’alls visit….I got busy! -xericstyle

  3. Desert Dweller

    Yowza – everything not only survived a Texas Flood (apologies, Stevie Ray Vaughan), but it really looks invigorated, like only rainfall can do. It’s grown noticeably since my visit!

  4. Ha! You could have some Texan in ya :) – It is incredible to me how quickly plants respond to changes in conditions – if only us humans could be so adaptive! ;) -xericstyle

  5. I am so pleased your garden survived, as you say choosing natives has really paid off. Everything will grow so well for a while, like here then back to normal growth. Christina

    • Meeeeeee tooooooooooo, Christina, me too. PHEW! -xericstyle

  6. I had a feeling it would all work out. Texas Natives…even some human kind…are pretty tough.

    Your garden is looking amazing. Good job.

    • Texas natives, and Texas born husbands, are tough indeed. xo Thanks Linda, I am thrilled it appears all is well-so far so good. I was so scared I would have to start over just barely in my second year! -xericstyle

  7. Everything looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see the flower bed with the gulf muhly grass, echinacea and gomphrena when it all fills in. It looks great now, but I think it is going to fabulous when everything is full grown.

    PS I was driving through your neighborhood and happened to look down one of the cul-de-sacs and I saw your beautiful home and garden. I didn’t have time to gawk at your garden, but from a distance it looked so pretty.

    • TOO FUNNY! Well then you saw it in all its realness…hose out..compost bucket out…all its glory, eh?! ;) -xericstyle

  8. Salma

    It all looks amazing again! I was going to try to sow cone flower seeds this fall. I think the deer will go to town on it, so don’t want to spring for actual plants (another expensive experiment is not what I need). Your muhly bed looks amazing; I can picture it- beautiful. The one I planted after consultation with you looks to be in suspended animation. Hasn’t done much since I put it in the ground, but it’s still green. Is it usually slow to get going?
    Looks like a big old “phew” is in order.

    • Hey you! :) I sowed seeds as well, but not enough popped up so I supplemented. Slow to get going…yes…I have been surprised to find that too with my muhly grasses – but then it is like all of a sudden…pow! I was also surprised by them needing more water and babying than I am used to giving a plant in the establishment period. So it sounds to me we are having similar experiences and we just need to keep it up. -xericstyle

  9. I’m glad to hear everything survived and is growing great. I love that potted arrangement in your last photo.

  10. Thank you Pam, I feel very lucky…mostly though, blown away by the power and the strength of nature and plants. -xericstyle

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