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Walking with the dinosaurs…. for reals! …and a beautiful meadow…

We recently got back from summer vacation – first stop, camping at Dinosaur Valley Sate Park in Glen Rose, TX.  It was AMAZING and actually pleasant at night to sleep just being a few hours north of San Antonio.Dino. park check-inI thought what they did in the limestone was super clever…I don’t want a dinosaur on my house facade, or on my flagstone patio…but I may want something cool…. 2013-07-19_07-23-06Cool, eh?!  Ideas are flowing…Z printTo walk where dinosaurs once walked was such a wonder… 2013-07-19_07-21-04as well as a wonderful lesson in science.   Dinosaur Valley State park has some of the best preserved dinosaur prints in the world.2013-07-19_06-08-24_1Our kids had a blast – this is a great park full of young families.  dino park meadowI was pleasantly surprised, when I discovered this park has one of the largest, most beautiful native meadows I have ever seen.  We came out of hiking “under cover” and this was the opening…meadow #2 dino parkI stood there frozen in absolute awe.  Texans, this place is a must! :)


  1. Looks like fun! What a beautiful meadow. Your kids look like they enjoyed the trip. Too cute!

    • It was relaxing and so stimulating at the same time. The kids loved it and learned so much. The bonding was the sweetest part of all… -xericstyle

  2. So cute and fun too. A meadow like that is an inspiration.

    • It sure is, Shirley – so wonderful we have such a great park system in Texas that we can all enjoy. -xericstyle

  3. How wonderful that you can actually put your foot in a dinosaur print! I didn’t know that you could do that anywhere. Love the meadow too.

    • I am with you, Christina! Texas has a lot of dinosaur prints, and bones…I had no idea either prior to moving here. -xericstyle

  4. We used to camp there, when our kids were small. That’s been….er, a few years..lol
    The tracks were really cool. And, so was the river.
    We do have a good park system here. Usually nice campgrounds.
    Looks like you had a good time. You have some really cute kids there.

    • COOOOOOooooool! So you know exactly what I am talking about, Linda. :) One thing that I bet has changed since you have been….is the horrible case of the boy dying of a parasitic amoeba infection (Naegleria fowleri) that he got from paluxy river at the park in 2010. So sad – may he rest in peace. Because the water was warm, low, stagnant, and the fact that we have two new swimmers that inhale a lot of water deep into their noses at the best of times, we did not dare swim in it. BUT THE TRIP WAS AMAZING – and thank you for your compliments, I think the monkeys are really cute too…I think I will keep them! ;) -xericstyle

  5. Wow…that is amazing…you would have had to tear me away from the meadow!

    • It was incredible, Scott! – I actually thought of you, David, and Michael when I was there…y’all love prairies so much. Me too….but I bet the lot of you would need tearing away!!!!!!!! -xericstyle

  6. I was there in the mid to late 70s and it was all about the two fiberglass dinosaurs and tracks. If I was there again, my focus would shift to the natural side. That little bluestem meadow is beautiful. That is what I planned for my front yard. Too bad the little bluestem did not go along with my plan. Your kids are look like they had a great time. I bet they never forget that vacation.

    • They still have the fiberglass dinosaurs – and I totally agree….a little….cheesy. The kids LOVED them though….and we all loved the nature/plants too so I felt there was something for all of us to enjoy. I thought that was little bluestem! – I am so happy for your I.D., Michael. I knew you would love that meadow…thought of your garden when I was gazing at it. -xericstyle

  7. Desert Dweller

    That’s one of the most amazing things about real prairie – enclosure of woods where trees grow best, then openness of grasslands where they grow best! Looks like a nice place, and good to see the future horticultural mountain bike kids.

    • That is a good point – and makes a lot of sense. The monkeys sure do have a love of nature…that I hope they never lose. -xericstyle

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