Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Gomphrena groundcover = truffula tree forest!

This year I decided to use Gomphrena ‘fireworks’ as a groundcover in my front garden.  Here we are into August with triple digit temperatures daily, and it is not slowing down whatsoever.  I have not watered it since I planted it in June (which I was afraid was too late in the season).  I needed to fill these beds, and I wanted to use something quick and effective for this year.   I also wanted a fun and whimsical look.Gonphrena 'fireworks' groundcoverThis is my view out the front door.  The drip line you see is for the perimeter of gulf muhly grasses only – those were expensive and I planted those late as well, so I need to keep that investment alive.  The gomphrena ‘fireworks’ were only $25 a flat, and that is what is here.  Not a bad return on a $25 investment!  In fact, I am not even sure if the whole flat went on this side…I think  few went to the other side of the yard.Same view June 30Here is the same view, June 30th (lapse of 36 days IN THE SUMMER HEAT IN SOUTH TEXAS SUMMER HEAT) .  truffula treesTo our family, this looks like a truffula tree forest….

LOVE THIS PLANT! I think it is my new fav…at least until my next fav.


  1. Tim

    I planted two in July and they’re doing fantastically. I love that plant.

    • Right on, TIm! Seems we can plant this one in the summer without problems, eh? One of the few!!!! Thanks for stopping by- checked out your blog – happy to know about it. WICKED KITCHEN! -xericstyle

  2. Was in your neck of the woods today. I happened to glance quickly in your direction and I saw gorgeous pillowy mounds of pink in your yard:) So pretty! Makes me wish I had more sun in my front yard.

    • And I am working towards more shade ;) Funny how that works, eh?! I would love to have you over for Lunch! I have been putting off weeding for too long – need to have things presentable again so I can have my gardening friends over. It is a WEED MESS right now :) -xericstyle

  3. Wow. fantastic plant, is it winter hardy? I need to find out more about it.

    • It is considered an annual in these parts – but like Shirley said, if we have a mild winter, it can come back. This is my first year growing it, but Shirley has a gorgeous plant of it in her butterfly garden that came back for her. I have other plans for next year and just used this as a stop-gap. We’ll see though…I like it, but I need more winter interest. -xericstyle

  4. They are great plants for our weather. If we have a mild winter they will return next year and grow even larger. Yours look very good, I do water mine every week or so during this hot spell.

    • Yes, yours that returned look AMAZING in your butterfly garden! I have not watered mine since June…although if I get out there weeding this week, I may hand-water. There is 30% chance of rain in the forecast Sat night…but we know how that goes. I do tend to push limits with watering bigtime….I like to test things…although, I may cave this week. It is SO HOT! -xericstyle

  5. I’ll say those look like a truffula forest…or truffula groundcover? Nice growth!

    • They are so funky I just love ’em! -xericstyle

  6. It’s gorgeous! I know one thing I’m going to be planting next spring!

    You’re not that far from me so I hope you got some of that rain off the cloud that just passed through; half an inch fell here while the sun was shining. Weird.

    • It is such a fun plant, Ragna! This is my first year planting it…I also did some red in the back that is doing very well. I hope mine comes back like Shirley’s.

      We did get that rain…and it was bizarre! AND GLORIOUS!!!!! I am planning for fall…still REALLY enjoying that book you lent me! -xericstyle

  7. Fantabulous! I’ve been coveting ‘Fireworks’ since seeing it in Rock Rose’s garden and at the Dallas Arboretum. But I can only find it in seed form, not starts. I need to clear an area of mulch and try it next year. I’m glad to know that June is not too late.

    • I remember your post on that – they were spilling nicely towards her beautiful pool. Here you can get them by the flat – I will let you know next year when I start to see them – I can pick some up for you if you like, and if you come and get them, I’ll fix y’all lunch! :) -xericstyle

      • If I don’t find them here, Heather, I’ll take you up on that kind offer!

      • It’s a deal! :) -xericstyle

  8. Absolutely love it, it does remind me of a truffula forest!

    • Totally, right!!!!!??? Thanks Jerry :) -xericstyle

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