Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

New meme : Wide shot – August 2013

I want to start a new meme and I am hoping all of you will join me.  Please post one or more wide shots of your garden, once a month, say…the 1st of the month?  How does that sound?

For me, I notice that some months my garden looks great, and others, lacking prominence.  My hope is that by taking this challenge, I will see more clearly the edits and additions I need to make…season to season…year to year.   I am hoping we can all learn from each other…and I think it’ll be fun to have the same shot every month to look at.  I hope you feel the same.

I am going to do August today – and I hope you will join me.  And then please join me again Sept 1st and every first of the month thereafter.August 2013August 2013August 2013 closer…and a little closer.  You can also click the pictures to see the image larger, and even zoom in.

See ya next month!  Please leave the link to your post in your comment, and please also leave a link to me in your post to share the love.  I am looking forward to seeing all of your wide shots!


  1. azplantlady

    August is definitely a beautiful month for your front garden!

    • Thanks Noelle! And thanks to the gomphrena for color in August. In Dec/Jan/Feb this same shot is terrible…I need more evergreen interest. That is my goal this year… -xericstyle

  2. Great idea, count me in!

    • Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Christina! -xericstyle

  3. I think that’s a cool idea for a meme. I’ll try to remember to join in next month.

    • That would be excellent, Pam!!!! yay! -xericstyle

  4. Great idea and reason to do that meme! The wide view most people miss, and that’s what clients I know want to see. I’ll try to join in, at least in my own way.

    • That would be most excellent, David! I realize it is not going to be easy to post a wide shot every month…especially those months where the garden is lacking…it will be almost like stepping into a room naked or something! Vulnerable! BUT…I think there is much to learn from this exercise. I take this shot all the time…so I can see (try to) my garden through others’ eyes. And so I can see what is missing…and what needs changing. I would love to learn the aspects that other people use effectively and apply here at home…. -xericstyle

  5. Sally

    I’m looking forward to posting wide views once a month and getting advice from you all! From December through March everything here is dormant…..do we still post? It’s gonna be boring!)

    • I feel the same way, Sally! …and as for the months where not much is going on…please post still. I am looking forward to learning much from these months…and besides, it will make us all feel a connection as it is not only our garden that is looking drab… -xericstyle

  6. Hi, I’ve just done my post timed to be seen on the first as I’ll be out of My Hesperides Garden on September 1st. Maybe you can link it in somehow; I’ll try to see your post and leave a comment but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a link, thanks, I think this is going to be very interesting. Christina Here is Christina’s link http://myhesperidesgarden.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/the-long-view/

    • EXCELLENT! Thanks so much for joining in Christina!!!! – xericstyle

    • OH MY, I can’t wait to see this EVERY MONTH! Love the circle…love the border…..MMMMMMMMmmmmm! Thanks for joining in, as well as promoting, the meme. Much appreciated! -xericstyle

  7. Very nice Idea. It’s looking beutiful. I am also looing forward to post my home garden pic in the next month. I hope it will like you.

    • Thanks for stopping by Lucas, and I will look forward to seeing your home garden pictures October 1st…or whenever you can get to it. Early is fine and late is fine. :) We would love to have you join in! -xericstyle

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