Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Wide Shot – March 2014

imageDreary picture on a gray day.  Most of my perennials have died to the ground, although they are starting to wake up from their winter sleep.  I am almost finished cutting back all of my grasses.  All I have to say is thank goodness for my agave, opuntia, and rosemary for holding things together with evergreen ease.

Sorry I am late for my own meme again – truth is, I have lost my blogging momentum the last few months and I am having a hard time getting it back. :(  Does that ever happen to you?  How do you get out of that funk?  Please, I want to hear from you!

Please join me in posting a wide shot of your garden the first of every month, or anytime you get to it in the month.  It is my hope, that this exercise will assist us all both in the appreciation of our gardens as they grow and change, and in growing and learning ourselves to recognize changes we may want to make.


  1. Looks great! I’m loving your rosemary and opuntia. We have Rosemary in our garden, however it has never been as lush and big as yours. Wish I had more sun to plant it in. From what I understand, Bees are a huge fan of Rosemary and it is their primary food source in the winter.
    Yes, I’ve been in a blogging funk as well. Hopefully, when Spring finally arrives and plants are blooming that will change:)

    • You are so right, Steph! It is swarming with bees and very alive right now with activity. I hope, like you, I get a second wind. Actually….I think it is starting. Fingers crossed. So wonderful, as always, to hear from you. xo -xericstyle

  2. Heather, I know what you are talking about.This was my 1st real winter in my new home here in Helotes and I went cactus/succulent crazy.I lost about $300 worth of small polantys from the several nights of 26 to 28 degrees. I will learn from my mistakes, for sure. You have inspired me to start my own blog. My fingernails are dirty today from putting out some tomato plant and, green bean/cucumber seeds in the ground. I am using the milk jug thing to temporary cover my tomatoes for the next few nights. Sur La Table cooking class tomorrow- Bistro Favorites..yum. I have been dawdling in priming up my new blog HillCountryHick.com from the winter doldrums, the SAD thing. But, I’m pumped now! The sun is shining this week!

    • Thanks, M! I appreciate that! :) I love seeing your posts, and especially your recipes…very inspiring. I am looking forward to trying your enchiladas again soon. :) -xericstyle

  3. Heather, I’m glad to find that you haven’t given up on your meme! I imagine the lousy weather has been a factor in your blogging funk – I’ve seen a definite decline in posts from the areas hit by the never-ending winter that’s affected so much of the country. I hope you’ll keep the meme going – in my case, it’s provided excellent discipline and a good way of tracking my progress in renovating my garden. Here’s a link to my wide shots this month: http://krispgarden.blogspot.com/2014/03/wide-shots-march-2014.html

    • I am not a giver-upper…I just need to start being more disciplined myself, I guess!!!!! I love seeing your posts very much! Thank you Kris :) -xericstyle

  4. Missed you these last couple months. Know that there are people out there reading you and looking forward to your next blog.

    • THANK YOU, JANE! :) Hugs – xericstyle

  5. I have too many ideas and photos, I don’t know where to begin and how to make them quick and powerful! That with being behind on work – and no posts. Glad your garden is awakening – everything out here is, too.

    • You always keep things well explained and powerful! :) …yes….CHEERS TO SPRING! -xericstyle

  6. As of yet I have too many draft idea posts to get through…but I do find some weeks harder to write posts. I need a bit of nature to help me.
    Here’s my link:

    • Pristine shots as always Donna! Thank you – xericstyle

  7. I always enjoy your posts, and Shirley needs the company, so I hope you’ll keep going with the blog — on your own terms and schedule, of course.

    • Thank you so much Pam! That means so much coming from you xo – xericstyle

  8. Better late, than never? Finally getting my Wide Shot post out.
    Your garden’s ‘good bones’ are showing. Hoping Spring is finally here.
    Here’s my post.

    • ALWAYS better late than never :) – Thank you Linda! -xericstyle

  9. I think your garden looks lovely in winter! And on getting around to blogs, darned, I forgot to do wide shot meme. I’ll catch up with you, promise!

    • Whenever you are ready my friend :) -xericstyle


  1. It's A Dry Heat | Wide Shot – 3/2014

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