Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Mass planted pink muhly softens…everything!

Softens a bed…a garden bed to make it move and flow…softens cacti…cacti to complement the structure…softens a path…paths and hardscape to make them more welcoming…and catches the light and holds onto it…and it grabs the light and somehow softens that too!

Got pink muhly (Muhlenbergia capillaris)?  How do you use yours?


  1. melissamontgomery911391518

    This looks so good! Wish I could keep plants alive, lol. I tend to buy fake ones, bahhahaa. My hubby is the gardener in this house. xo

    From: Xericstyle Reply-To: Xericstyle Date: Tuesday, 19 November, 2013 10:50 AM To: montgomery Subject: [New post] Mass planted pink muhly softenseverything!

    WordPress.com xericstyle posted: “…a garden bed to make it move and flow……cacti to complement the structure……paths and hardscape to make them more welcoming……and grabs the light and somehow softens that too. Got pink muhly (Muhlenbergia capillaris) ? How do you”

    • Thanks, Melissa!!!!!! One gardener per house is probably a good thing – ha! ;) – xericstyle

  2. What a beautiful walk up to the door, not that it wasn’t in May during my inaugural visit! The leaves at your curb add a nice fall touch, but the other pics are indeed soft.

    • Thanks, D! The walk to the front when you were here was pretty sparse – and didn’t you specify more muhly?! Thanks for that….I went a little crazy with it…and I love it! urgh…I hope I did not miss those leaves there yesterday ;) oh well, too late now! -xericstyle

      • I did? Ha, I forgot that one! Then that was good advice…and you did a great job making it work so nicely!

      • Your advice is always good advice! -xericstyle

  3. That’s a wow! All that pink muhly looks wonderful. So worth all the work you put into it.

    • Thanks Shirley – I do agree….so worth it!!!!!!!!! I like it when it is green alone….but I sure am enjoying this whimsy! -xericstyle

  4. It’s beautiful! I’ve yet to try this grass but pictures like these are helping to push me in that direction.

    • Here is another push! Hope that is the last one you need to try one! ;) -xericstyle

  5. Love it! Your design is beyond beautiful!

    • That means sooooooooooooo much to me, Linda!!!!!!!!! You ROCK! -xericstyle

  6. Beautiful! I do love the way it captures the light. Looks like fall.
    Hope you are feeling better:)

    • They are little light grabbers, aren’t they?! Steph, I was miserable! …and CTG was coming to tape my garden this Monday (dream come true) – so I went to the good doc. on Friday, and he gave me a steroid shot….DID WONDERS! I am feeling like myself again! FINALLY! Thanks for asking, sweet lady! -xericstyle

  7. Maria

    Aack, you are making me jealous!! LOL! My 8 pink Muhlys look horrid. I thought it was fairly easy to grow grasses, but I was wrong.

    • now, now….;) What I have found personally, is they take more water to get established than you think – certainly more than I thought, and more than I give anything else to get established. I bet they will surprise you in the future. Now go give them some good deep water! ….please let me know how it works for you. -xericstyle

  8. I was given one by friends for my birthday this year, mine hasn’t turned pink but I think it is going to be a real addition to the garden.

    • You had one amazing birthday in 2013, didn’t you gal!!!???!!!! I just know you will love this plant! – xericstyle

  9. Looks great!
    I planted some, this year. They got in late and I thought they wouldn’t bloom. But, they have…not as nicely as yours. But, there’s always next year.
    Your garden has really taken off this year.

    • Hey Linda! Thank you! So happy to hear they bloomed for you – it is such a bummer when they don’t…last year a couple I had didn’t…I think anyways! There is always next year…LOVE IT! we live for that, eh? -xericstyle

  10. My route from one of my favorite stores (you know the one :-) took me by your house yesterday. I pulled over for a better look and I must say that no photo could do the view justice. Your front garden is spectacular!

    • I do know the one! Mine too!!!!!! ;) Oh Ragna, thank you for your compliments! Much appreciated ….and flattering coming from such an experienced gardener!!!!!!! – xericstyle

  11. The garden looks great! That cactus is really getting large. Wasn’t it just a couple of pads last year? Congratulation on getting on CTG too. It is well deserved. You have done so much in such a short time. I can’t wait to see everything in motion.

    • They totally were! I planted them in ground summer of 2012 – monsters! Love ’em…the pads are huge and the fruit is especially dark purple. If you ever come to visit, I would love you to take some. Or I can send you pads????? I will keep you posted on the segment – and thank you, Michael! -xericstyle

      • I think I have/had that same variety of cactus. It turned to mush a couple of winters back when the temp stayed below freezing for a couple of days. I threw it in the compost pile and now it is growing again!

      • ah….EEK! The mama plant of this one was well established (as in a cluster of 6ft or more in diameter) so I assumed at the time quite hardy here…..so fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!! I would be so sad to lose these…they are a huge part of my vision for the front garden….I would cry!! -xericstyle

  12. I love the combination of the muhly with the cactus, that is just perfect.

    • Why thank you! I just looked at your blog – amazing fall color!!!!!!!! Holy Toledo!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Janet! -xericstyle

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