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Frogfruit “lawn” Report @ 2.5 months

The frogfruit “lawn” I plugged 2.5 months ago, turned out to be a frogfruit and horseherb “lawn.”  Thanks to all the rains this spring, we have complete coverage already!  Weeds are a problem, hence both the frogfruit and horseherb (among a few others). Pros (as I currently see them): -I have a solid groundcover to …

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Backyard beds are starting to look like something…

We have the beginning of a back garden y’all!  Thanks to the recent rains things are really filling in nicely.  Lets take look at a few key beds…This is what I see now as I walk out of the sliding glass doors onto the covered patio.  The herb bed is floating in the middle of …

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Chicken mowers…

I have a few weeds within the frogfruit “lawn” – only a bizillion!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIKES!  So I needed to get creative weeding in between the frogfruit plants…and fast before they go to seed!2 weeks after I planted my frogfruit lawn, it is a weed fest.  In retrospect, I should have dusted everything with corn gluten as …

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“Put a berm on it!”

Okay… so those of you that watch Portlandia are cracking up at the title, but those of you that don’t, why in the world not!?!?!? We had this problem area of the yard where a pool used to be.  It was filled in prior to us purchasing our home, but the area continued to sink, …

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Texas native Frogfruit “lawn” is in!

I got the Texas frogfruit lawn plugged this week.  I will try to take pictures at least monthly as it fills in.  I did not amend the soil at all.  I read over and over it was not necessary – I went against my nature on this, I hope it is okay.  I did ensure …

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New shaded parking area eats up tons of lawn and is so functional!

We lacked parking in the back for our guests.  No one could park in the driveway without blocking in the garage.  It was annoying, but would be even more annoying when the kids are driving so I wanted to take care of that now and create a useful spot to park.  The other thing is …

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Texas-style beer garden!

This larger side yard has functioned as a few things since we moved into our home.  It has been a vegetable garden, a weed pit, a storage area…but mostly a forgotten about unused space.  Over the last few years, however, it has become evident that it is actually the best location in the yard for …

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New fire pit hang-out converts useless space to a fun and functional area…

Hey y’all, I am so excited to start showing you our new Texas-style xericstyled backyard taking shape!  Our backyard was BORING…nothing to it…stark…HOT…no bones…no garden beds…no defined entertaining aeas…no garden rooms…no functionality!!!!!  That has changed a whole lot in a relatively short period of time thanks to hiring an installer with a crew to haul …

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You are my sunshine…

…my only sunshine…you make me happy…SO HAPPY!  Helllloooo yellow and hello spring in full swing baby!Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa) is blooming and looking happy in my full shade for half the year /full sun for half the year bed from hell.  This plant has been EXTREMELY adaptable – what a gem!  The only negative I …

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The plan for the backyard garden…

I was playing with my kids’ markers again…worked the first time.  I am in the process of hiring an installer for all of the hardscaping.  Hopefully things will start rocking and rolling in the next two weeks.  I wanted to share my design for input from my friends.  Speak now or forever hold your peace! …

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Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas


Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas


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