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How to build a cedar post and hog panel fence…

I made a simple cedar post and hog panel fence so that our hens, A.K.A  the rakes with wings, have their own yard to free-range when they are unsupervised (otherwise mass destruction occurs)!  I think this would work well to fence in a veggie garden as well, and I just may do that too.  Lets …

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Chickens are rakes with wings…

oh yes they are ….mass destruction and garden chaos. I have not done a ton to the back yard yet, but I am working on it area by area.  Remember my side yard? Nasty side yard BEFORE.SIDE YARD AFTER! Ahhhhhh done – onto the next project. I like to use newspaper several layers thick under …

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Color Guard Yucca = spiky sunshine

I wanted a little something to add color and structure to my mass planting of native bamboo muhly (Muhlenbergia dumosa) I planted a couple’ish months ago in the side yard. Here is the bamboo muhly then….looking good…but needing a little something… And here it is now intermingling with a mass planting of Yucca filamentosa ‘Color …

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HOT fall color and combos…

Nothing is better than October in Central Texas!!!!!! I love the way my Texas native cholla cactus anchors the hot color of the Autumn sage (salvia greggii ‘Purple’) and Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) swaying in the fall breeze.In the same way, this agave provides weight and structure to this area of the bed. My current ALL TIME …

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1st Foliage Follow-Up for xericstyle…

For FANTASTIC foliage, and fantastic everything for that matter, please head over to digging and see foliage Pam Penick-style.  Pam is my mentor, my inspiration, my guru, practically the reason for my gardens’ existence.   What would I do without Pam?  Hmmmmmmm … have a REALLY ugly yard! In my garden a lot of things are …

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Chaotic side yard turned calming oasis for mama…

Our side yard was absolute chaos and desperately needed to be rectified!  You know how many times a mama of two youngsters walks to the recycling/garbage bins in a day?!?!  Every time I did this walk it stressed me out seeing all the junk I needed to deal with.   How did this area become …

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Mellow Yellow and Sea Anenome Artichoke

I can’t decide what I love more about my yellow yarrow plant…the striking silver fern-like foliage or the funky flowers.  This plant is incredible!  Yarrow is a must have in your xeric garden. I decided to let a couple of artichokes flower instead of harvesting them to eat.  How pretty is this flower – it …

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Wildflowers still a blazin’

My daily view…it really does take my breath away.  Every day there is a new surprise waiting…another flower I have not seen before. The Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja indivisa) show has begun.  These flowers are my Texan husband’s favorite wildflower.  For me, they remind me of home in Canada, as we have them there too.  Although …

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Globe Artichokes

My Artichokes are ALMOST too pretty to eat….I said almost!  I can taste the butter sauce already.  I thought I better snap a picture before I cut this beauty off.  I have really enjoyed growing these plants.  They are stunningly beautiful – such striking foliage.  In fact, after I harvest every last morsel of edibles, …

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Pot O’ Mint

Currently, my pot o’ mint is my favorite thing in the garden!  Not only does it look pretty neat, it is delicious.  We enjoy iced mint tea, and we love to eat a leaf here and there for upset tummies.  I like keeping my mint in a pot so it does not take over this …

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Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas


Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas


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