Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Yucca arrives on my doorstep…

What is going on?!  Mother Earth is raining down plant goodness on me, and I could not be more grateful.  Look what arrived today…what is a girl to do?!  Plant baby, plant!!!!!!

This yucca is such a great size and I have just the place waiting for this little darlin’!  I have seen a few of these in the area, it appears to be a soaptree yucca with a small footprint – I am not sure what variety.  Anyone have any thoughts?  After some digging, I may have identified my new yucca as a Jalisco Soapwort (Yucca jaliscensis).  But I am still not certain.    Thank you to Aaron and David, I think my new yucca is a Spanish Bayonet (Yucca aloifolia) – Thanks guys!!!!!  Either way,  I am stoked!  The mama of this yucca has the same diameter…only she is about 4.5 ft tall’ish. She is straight as can be and from head to toe has spikes.  None of the spikes have browned or hung down the trunk…despite freezes and droughts.  Time to get this baby in the ground ASAP.

I used rocks in a “train” held rather firmly against the yucca trunk and butted up against the concrete path to hold the yucca straight as it roots and makes itself at home here.  I am hopeful it will make it!!!!  Oh please…please make it beauty!

This method ended up working really well.  So I decided to do a medium-sized rock mulch around the yucca both to set it off (I love those piles of rocks), and to prevent erosion in this spot close to where water runs off the roof.  I planted it high and dry in hopes its feet will not get too wet.

And here she be.

It looks a little strange right now as it hides out behind my planter, but if she looks like mama, she will grow straight up and her diameter will stay very similar to what it is now.  I am hoping this spiky element will look cool growing straight up in front of this post, and if I am lucky, cast a wicked cool shadow at night.

Thank you Mother Earth!


  1. WOW! that is an amazing gift! And it looks really great! especially next to the orange and brown!

    • It sure is a great gift – better than diamonds or jewels! After all that, I am going to move it though. I like it there too, but David has a great point….too close to the walkway. EEK! Ah well…learning and growing as a gardener means many mistakes. – xericstyle

  2. Salma Quraishi

    COOL!!! I love that chola cactus! any other bits and pieces that may have (ahem) fallen off the mother plant… ? :)
    Looks amazing. So clean and well tended and coming in beautifully. Wish my garden had that finish :(

    • Hey – why thank you! Once my cactus is established I can break a piece off for ya, no worries there. Or you can wink at my neighbor :) We will work on your garden, remember it takes time for things to get established and also mostly, to figure out what plants are going to work for your garden, and DEER! Lastly, proper maintenance and watering is key as well, I can help teach you that. Xeric gardening does not mean no maintenance…it takes time to learn these things and you will – I promise! You are going to kill a lot of stuff learning to garden, and that is okay. Part of the process….necessary… – xericstyle

  3. Salma Quraishi

    post pics of the heather grass!! has that started coming in yet?

    • Haaaaa! Heather grass! heeeee! Not much to show on the Mexican feather grass. Most of it is dormant right now, and I lost a few in the re-roof – they got scalped with foot traffic. I will post some pictures in the fall…stay tuned. – xericstyle

  4. The yucca looks like Yucca aloifolia, just a guess.

    • Thanks Aaron! On looking briefly…I think you are right…only some have a much MUCH larger profile and those pictures are the ones that throw me off. I am going to look into this more – much appreciated feedback! – xericstyle

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