Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Wide Shot – September 2013

Wide shot Sept 2013I hope you will join me in posting a wide shot of your garden on the first of every month.  Please leave your link in your comment, and please do link back to me in your post to share the love.


  1. Love your home. What is your roof made of? So many flowers and trees. I think of Texas as a bit barren……live and learn! Enjoy your long weekend!
    I posted….a bit of overkill but I hope you enjoy anyway!


    • Hey Sally, it is galvalume….standing seam metal roof. I am so happy to have you join in! I thought San Antonio was going to be like that old Elizabeth Taylor movie, “Giant”. SOOOOOOOooooooo glad it is not- Quite lush at times, actually. Oh and never overkill on the pics!!!!! Love ’em! -xericstyle

  2. Fabulous Idea! I’m always taking close up shots of a particular flower in my garden. Looking at the garden from a wide angle would give me an opportunity to see what areas need work.
    PS I love how your landscaping blends in well together and everything looks to scale.

    • Thanks so much – you mean, you are always taking photos of wildlife too! Man that was a nice shot of the bird today!!!! I hope you will join us, Steph. -xericstyle

  3. This is going to be a great meme, a quick view to see what is really happening. I can’t seem to copy the link with my iPad so I’m hoping you can do it for me. Some of my followers have already said they will join you, I hope they do.

    • Thanks for joining in, I love your take today very much. Those shadows….incredible! Your garden is always so incredible. Your evergreens…..I need to soak it all in! -xericstlye

  4. Heather, I too think this is a great idea. I’ve tended to avoid broad shots of my garden, which is still in the early stages of renovation but, as a big part of my reason for blogging is to chronicle developments in the evolution of my garden, the wide view is critical. Maybe your meme will help me see the big picture! Thanks for hosting and here’s my contribution for the month of September: http://krispgarden.blogspot.com/2013/09/wide-shot-september-2013.html

    • I am so happy to have you joining in, Kris! I loved your shots today! -xericstyle

  5. Andrea

    I always enjoy seeing what your doing! Great idea…here is my wide shot. http://myfloridameadow.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/wide-shot-september-2013/

    • BEAUTIFUL SHOT – thanks for joining Andrea, missed you! Congrats on your new baby!-xericstyle

  6. Heather I just learned of your blog and this meme…I love the idea of a wide shot. You will have to scroll through my Garden Journal post to find the wide shot at the bottom. I hope you like it.


    • Thanks for joining in, Donna. I would kill for your view out my bedroom window – gorgeous! Love your front garden too…all of it! Oh and I grow that okra too….I cannot believe how tall it gets compared to the clemson spineless, or more “normal” varieties. -xericstyle

  7. Even though I am a day late, I put a few wide shots at the end of my last post. http://planobluestem.blogspot.com/2013/09/dog-days-of-summer.html

    • So happy you joined us, and even happier to see your shots…I look forward to seeing your beautiful wide shots next month too! Late…on time…whenever!!!! yippee! -xericstyle

  8. That is a beautiful shot. You have a lovely home & garden. Hopefully I can join in on the next 1st.

    • Hey there! Thx so much! You join anytime….1st or after…we’d all love you to post! -xericstyle

  9. Simply beautiful!!! and your garden is looking really lush! have you guys had some rain?

    • Thanks Louis! We have not had rain that counts in a while…my fingers are crossed for today! All the lushness you see…trailing rosemary, lantana, gomphrena, Mex. Bush sage, Mountain Laurel, Texas sage, ….all extremely low water plants…. -xericstyle

  10. Better late than never, I hope! Here’s mine, Heather. http://www.penick.net/digging/?p=23138

    • Your garden always has amazing interest …every season…I love that. I am so looking forward to learning much more from you through this meme! Thanks for joining us :) -xericstyle

  11. I took a few pictures on the first and then completely forgot about actually posting them! But here they are: http://gardenerofgoodandevil.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/wide-shot-meme/

    • Thanks for joining in Lori! I love the privacy you have created in your front garden…it also looks so cool (in look and temperature)! -xericstyle

  12. Great idea! I’ll do it next month for sure! Right now, even my xeric garden is looking a tad weary!

    • That would be wonderful, Linda! Thanks so much for stopping in, and I will look forward to your post. My front garden is weed city…temperatures are getting reasonable out there again, so I really need to get that in order! ;) -xericstyle

  13. I love the wonderful colors you chose in your plantings and the trees that frame the property create a great vibe as you approach the house…very thoughtful landscape plan.

    • Awe – thanks Charlie!!!!! -xericstyle


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