Xeric and stylish gardening in San Antonio, Texas

Property Border PART 1

I officially just finished the most annoying garden job I have done to date.  I wanted to further define my garden and property line as grass and weeds from my neighbor’s yard were creeping in like wildfire with the rains this past week.  I decided to re-cycle trusty cement rectangular pavers I have used for many purposes around our yard.  The plan….to dig a trench and set them in several inches deep to stop grasses and weeds from encroaching into my garden/yard.  Then, cover with rocks I will beg, borrow and steal from my friend Salma’s property.  Sounds easy….well…..NOT!  However, the end result should be effective, and attractive, and it did not cost anything!  I like that.  And hey, I may have lost a pound, so win win there!

It was harder than I thought to keep the cement pavers level as I placed them, but then I did myself a favor and stopped being so exacting as I am covering both sides with rock anyways.  What was most important here I realized, was to set them in ground deep enough, and with no gaps that weeds and rhizomes (namely bermuda grass) could get under or through.

I tied a rope to my fence-line from the backyard and stretched it to the street to ensure a straight line, and also to make sure it was the correct placement.  As essentially this is like a fence and I don’t want my sweet neighbors to be mad at me.  Coincidentally, I dug up old fencing material so I was on the right track. I also made sure I talked to my neighbor …all is well – she likes the idea too – BONUS!

Another Inuksuk – yes…another.  I can’t help it…I just love them!

You would think with a rope a straight line would be a cinch….not as easy as I thought….but I came close enough.

And this is my favorite view…the project completed! …for now.  Part 2 you will see a hill country style stone pile fence piled on each side and on top of the edging. Now you see why my crazy and annoying Virgo exacting nature was ridiculous…you will not see the edging when I am finished.  These types of informal rock fences are common in the Castle Hills area, so I thought it would be pleasing to the neighborhood to keep things cohesive.

I know I said this job was annoying…AND IT WAS…but you know, I am my father’s daughter …it feels soooooo good to work so hard and accomplish something visual at the end of the day.  There are few healthy things in life where we get to experience instant gratification, and I really like that about gardening.  I feel that there is such a beautiful balance struck between working hard and seeing results instantly…and the patience gardening also teaches us as we wait for our plants to fill in and our visions for our yards to come to fruition.  I am hooked!!!!!!


  1. I like your idea about instant gratification and patience, very perceptive. Christina

    • Hi Christina! Yeah, funny the things that go through your mind when you are outside in the garden…so much peace and clarity there. :) – xericstyle

  2. Salma Quraishi

    jeez look at the size of the leucantha in the first pic… They’re coming up like weeds!!

    • My little (or big) purple corner I call it….they are happy for sure! – xericstyle

  3. Very nice, that will look great when it’s finished and grown in. Combating bermuda takes diligence.

    • Urgh…it sure does Shirley…it sure does…..just when you think you win the battle…there it is AGAIN. – xericstyle

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